biosig help desk

Need help using BioSig-ID? If you are trying to create a password, you must visit the help center. You can also watch how-to videos.

The help center has how-to articles, frequently asked questions, videos, announcements and more. See if we answer your question below first.

The BioSig-ID software is administered by your organization. If you were told to enroll but are unable to find where to do so, please ask your administrator for help or visit our support site. Students please contact your instructor.

When someone goes to create a password for the first time, the software is also learning about you for the first time. Don’t write in cursive and try to go slow. With each use of BioSig-ID™ it learns more about you and becomes more accurate and more secure. Try to draw your password in a steady motion that you can easily replicate.

Don’t worry. BioSig-ID captures your unique drawing style so if you draw naturally you don’t have to remember. Find a gesture you’re comfortable with and go slow and steady. For the first few passes, you may want to note the characters somewhere – such as capitals or lower case. The same way you would with any new password. The BioSig-ID password very quickly becomes second nature and you can draw it in seconds.

Some people enjoy being ambitious and draw their characters in different orders or from bottom to top or some completely unusual way. That’s great but doing something very unlike yourself will be harder to remember.

You’re not limited to the keys on the keyboard. You can use letters, numbers, symbols, other language alphabets and doodles. It’s not what it looks like, it’s the way you draw it that counts.

If forgotten, BioSig-ID users can reset their own password using our self-rest feature with Click-ID™ or via their registered email address. When you first created your BioSig-ID password you were also asked to enter 4 digit/character PIN. This is your Click-ID password and after failing your BioSig-ID password three times you will be asked to enter your PIN allowing you to reset your BioSig-ID™password. Alternatively to the bottom right of the Click-ID keyboard you can click the link to reset your password via email.

If you find yourself having to verify in a very public place, you can simply turn on a great feature called “Invisible Ink.” Just select the box at lower left.

In the example below, see how both passwords being drawn are accepted as the same, even though your strokes are not shown during the second pass.

Some touchpads aren’t sensitive so hold down the touchpad with one finger and use the second finger to perform your gesture.