Non-Invasive Biometric Device Protection


In 2017 BSI launched a revolution with BioTect-ID, an affordable biometric solution to one of the most difficult tasks companies and institutions face today: management of personal devices in the workplace (BYOD). BioTect-ID™ provides the solution. BioTect-ID™ is the next logical step in the evolution of gesture biometrics technology. If you need to secure online assets, you must secure personal devices and office computers. With sensitive data now being stored on mobile devices, these must be secured as well. BioTect-ID ™ will be available on platforms including Andriod, iOS, and Windows. If you require online asset security, you require BioTect-ID ™.

The simplicity of a finger or mouse drawn four character password translates perfectly to mobile devices. Only the authenticated user can reproduce this gesture biometric password, and it can't be lost, stolen or hacked. Because BioTect-ID is a replaceable biometric, there is no threat of loss of personal identifying information that is irreplaceable like an iris, face or fingerprint.

Extraordinary accuracy that is third party tested, high user approval and the affordable ability to transform any network with multi-factor protection make BioTect-ID the ideal solution for any environment with heavy user demands. Now secure all the access points that frequently lead to breaches: third party vendors, users and admins. BioTect-ID is configurable, allowing pinpoint access level control.

There is no doubt that within a few years, we will be a biometric identified society. Why choose an invasive biometric that offers liability when you can choose the privacy-friendly BioTect-ID?

Based on our patented BioSig-ID technology, BioTect-ID is called "entertaining" by 48% of its users. When is the last time you heard that about your network security? Find out more by setting up a demo.

BioTect-ID™ will soon be available on the following desktop and mobile platforms: