BioSig-ID™ is a software-only biometric ID verification solution which allows businesses and organizations to authenticate a user’s identity and “gate” secure digital assets such as medical records, bank accounts, learning management systems and other confidential information.

BioSig-ID™ provides a streamlined multi-factor authentication process to protect businesses and users alike without the need for expensive hardware or costly document storage.

Based on third-party testing performed by the Tolly Group and user surveys, BioSig-ID™ has the following proven results:

• 99.97% Protection against imposters
• 100% of users surveyed were able to enroll with BioSig-ID™
• 98% of users found BioSig-ID™ easy to use
In 10,000 test attempts, no user got past BioSig-ID even though they were given the password
• 96% of users believed it impossible to break into another's password


Twice patented BioSig-ID™ provides the strongest method of identity authentication on the market today: multi-factor authentication. Despite a recent White House call for all networks to move to multi-factor security, most networks have delayed due to cost and how cumbersome other systems are to implement.

BioSig-ID is the game changer, providing easy implementation at very affordable cost.  Its high accuracy exceeds NIST biometric standards by 3X. The secret is the hand-drawn password, which combines password knowledge with drawing (writing) style.

The software measures the unique way every user moves their mouse, finger or stylus when they log in with their biometric password. Biometric identifiers such as the length, speed, direction, angle and height of each stroke are collected by the software to create the user's unique biometric profile. In seconds, after drawing only 3-4 characters, BioSig-ID™ software establishes whether the user who registered is the same person trying to access the account.

The password is instantly compared against the previously created enrollment profile and access is only granted if they match. BioSig-ID is so intelligent it discerns variations in drawing style by the user so it is not necessary to draw in the same area with the exact same size.  BioSig-ID is smart.  And with every use BioSig-ID learns, getting even more accurate.

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The software comes with a robust suite of tools and an audit trail that captures all the activity surrounding the authentication event, providing an acute forensic tool to help determine risks/patterns of fraud. BioSig-ID can be used from any device: mobile, tablet and PC that runs HTML5 or Flash.

BioSig-ID™is by itself multi-factor and multi-layer, so it does not require the use of another vendor or factor.  Multi-factor authentication uses a combination of two of the following factors, either "something you know," (your secret password is "something you know"), "something you are," (actually drawing the password is "something you are") and/or "something you have," (combined with our out of band SMS/QR code also creates another factor "something you have").  All networks will eventually move to multi-factor authentication. BioSig-ID's elegant combination of gesture biometric with password knowledge gives you freedom from other multi-factor solutions that require hardware, fobs, keys, tokens and require admins to handle password storage and management.

48% of users found BioSig-ID "entertaining" - when is the last time you heard that from your security system?