Biometric Signature ID realized there is a huge need for better online transaction safety in ecommerce and for all online retailers to protect both the merchant and the online buyer. To assure greater confidence in online purchases, we combined the technologies of BioSig-ID™ & uSign-ID™ to create BioSafe-ID™. This solution not only raises the assurance level for retailers that the buyer is who they say they are, but enhances the confidence that the buyer's information and transactions are secure. Additionally, BioSafe-ID™ can save merchants money by reducing chargebacks. BioSafe-ID™ can also become a new revenue stream for merchants.


Step One: Choose an item



Step 2: Identification - Login with username and password



Step 3: Enter payment information



Step 4: Authentication - Verify yourself with BioSig-ID™



Step 5: Authorization - Sign your name



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BioSafe-ID™ Can be integrated with desktop and mobile platforms: