BioProof-ID™ is an entirely new solution to authenticating identity online. It combines human verification of user identity (confirmation of government issued ID) with the creation of a new biometric password. The entire process of password creation and enrollment is verified, then witnessed, ensuring no break in the identity chain. When your network demands the highest level of verification, you need BioProof-ID™.

BioProof-ID™ is powered by BSI’s BioSig-ID™ technology which uses dynamic gesture biometrics to enable the creation of a unique biometric password, drawn by the user using just a finger or mouse. Biometrics such as the length, speed, direction, angle and height of each stroke are collected by the software to create the user's unique biometric profile. This password is virtually impossible to replicate by imposters, even if they know the password.

Live online credentialing professionals from BSI partner B Virtual provide the other essential element of BioProof-ID™.  These professionals are available 24 hours a day to oversee and witness the biometric password creation process and authenticate the individual using government issued ID, all done via webcam.  Linking confirmed legal identity with biometric identity is now available for the first time in an enterprise product and provides unparalleled security confidence. BioProof-ID™ categorically prevents imposters from engaging in identity theft when they must first submit to photographic identification.

BioProof-ID™ is entirely cloud based, requires no hardware, and is intended for any organization which requires a higher level of identity assurance before allowing users to access services, such as healthcare providers, educational institutions, and financial and banking entities. Most exciting of all, BioProof-ID™ has the potential to replace many face to face encounters, saving money and resources.

Use BioProof-ID to:
• Authenticate users to a high degree of certainty and protect sensitive digital records and accounts
• Ensure secure logon to access services
• Provide end-to-end assurance of identity throughout the user life cycle

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