How can BioSig-ID™ Help Enterprise?

If you could solve your identity authentication issues with a software biometric that will not only prevent any unauthorized users from accessing your network, it will also tie the person to the actual device--a huge step in identity management.  So why do it? Market Pain Points

Data breach. Two words of towering importance to every company executive. These words are associated with large hemorrhaging at the bottom line, loss of confidence by your clients, potential loss of market share and/or share price, potential fines and a big loss of focus in your primary business. The Ponemon Institute for example, reported the average cost of a breach was $5.85M, while Semifone found that 86% of consumers say they are not likely to do business with a company who had a data breach of credit card data.
Whether digital assets ranging from bank accounts, personal financial or healthcare information, social or membership sites, client lists, or corporate intranets, when your access passwords are breached the entire system is compromised. Most breaches today occur at the password authentication level. According to the 2013 ITRC Breach Report Key Findings, hacking continues to be the number one method or type of breach, representing more than one-quarter of the total recorded data breaches for 2013. This was followed by subcontractor (third party involvement) at 14.3% and data-on-move at 13%.  Insider theft was 11.7% of the breaches, employee error/negligence accounted for 9.3% followed by accidental exposure at 7.5%.
To stop the hemorrhaging at the bottom line, companies and consumers must step up their security and take their control back. This can only be accomplished by introducing multi-factor authentication. To be effective, security measures must meet several criteria. Among them:

  1. Ensure that the registered user is the same user trying to access the site
  2. Provide an excellent user experience (time, intrusiveness, cost, convenience, overall feel)
  3. Provide secure multi-factor access from multiple devices
  4. Incorporate some method of tracking to provide evidence of all the events surrounding the authentication activity
  5. Secure any session login without the need for any special equipment

BSI can not only help to secure desktops, laptops and mobile devices, but gate access to specific programs and apps. Find out how an investment in BioSig-ID with low monthly rates can prevent a data breach that could cost you $5.85M.


How BioSig-ID™ Works

BioSig-ID™ captures a user’s unique movements: direction, speed, length, angle, height, etc. as they draw and create their passcode using just a mouse or finger. Each time a user logs in, their passcode is compared and only if the patterns match will the “legitimate user” gain access to the online activity.
Imposters are stopped in their tracks. Even if they were able to gain access to your passcode they must duplicate the user’s unique biometric movements used to create the passcode, nearly impossible.
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