Biometric Signature ID Selected as Top 20 IT Ed Tech Company by CIO Review October 13, 2014.

A distinguished panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIO Review editorial board has selected the top players from over thousand companies. With nearly 5 million uses analyzing drawing patterns from 70 countries, BioSig-ID gesture biometrics is a leader in providing student ID verification to prevent academic dishonesty and financial aid fraud. This technology is now being used in financial services, healthcare and companies to provide the security demanded by state and federal regulations.

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Biometric Signature ID Receives an Award and Recognition by US Dept of Commerce/white house to Secure Online Transactions

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in coordination with the White House has awarded $1.6 million in grants to Biometric Signature ID and its partners, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Microsoft, AT&T, CA Technologies and Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  The goal of the initiative is to produce a secure online identity ecosystem that will lead to safer transactions by enhancing privacy and reducing risk of fraud in online commerce.

BSI Joins North American Security Products Organization (NASPO)

BSI was selected as a committee member with the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO) that was selected by the federal government to develop the next official American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for IDPV – Identity Proving and Verification. 


Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) Recognizes BSI as Breakthrough Technology and Awarded Funds

“Biometric Signature’s technology provides an improvement to current technology, which simply uses a password and doesn’t truly identify the person inputting it.”

BSI Awarded New Product Innovation of the Year, Signature Biometrics Industry North America, 2010 Mover's & Shakers Feature by Frost & Sullivan

CEO of BioSig-ID™ Jeff Maynard interviewed by Navin Rajendra – Industry Analyst, Electronics Security Asia Pacific and Neelima Sagar – Senior Research Analyst, Electronics Security North America.


Biometric Signature ID was selected as one of the top 9 emerging players selected by the Aite...

Biometric Signature ID was selected as one of the top 9 emerging players selected by the Aite Group in a special report on vendors who supply "clever, elegant biometric solutions to the financial services authentication ecosystem." The AITE Group is one of the world's leading research and consulting companies specializing in the financial services marketplace.


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Independent Testing found BioSig-ID™ Blocks 99.97% of Imposters


Many companies will say they are secure and provide accurate, reliable protection. However the real test is whether they have completed independent, third party testing from a recognized laboratory. BioSig-ID has completed such comprehensive and expensive testing and has published the results. Biometric technologies have a large security role and must be independently tested against guidelines set out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our published results confirm that BioSig-ID is 3x more accurate than the NIST guidelines recommend. As a comparison, keystroke analysis performed by the same independent lab did not achieve NIST standards and was found to be 27X less accurate than BioSig-ID. What this means is that keystroke-typing technology does not work to identify users and can be fooled or spoofed very easily by comparison to BioSig-ID. If you are going to rely on a technology for protection/identification,  you want the best.  Don’t settle for a company who cannot provide you the results of their independent testing or ones who say 'we did our own lab testing and it’s highly accurate.' If you would like more information about out testing results they can be found here.